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The Bilingual Centre is a place where we summarize research findings regarding multilingual infant development . It is where parents find resources to help them create an environment that is rich and rewarding for their children. It is where researchers find cutting-edge multilingual research and inspirations.

Language Measurement

The amount of each language heard

Measuring the amount of each language your baby hears. Designed by Dr. Liquan Liu, the MILQ can help you find out exactly how much exposure to each language has been provided to your baby. Contact us if you have any questions or if you have a piece of multilingual research to share with parents or other researchers.

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Principle Researcher

Dr Liquan Liu


Dr. Liquan Liu obtained his Bachelor degree of Art in East China Normal University in 2004, and his Master degree of Philosophy with distinction in Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University in 2010. In 2014, Liquan acquired his doctorate in Utrecht University on the effect of multilingualism on child language development.

Liquan’s research interests lie in the multi-dimensional effects of multilingualism on infant development. He aims at integrating infant multilingualism across domains. He is also interested in the relationship between nature and nurture, and the roles of internal (e.g., initial biases, learning mechanisms and developmental disorders) and external factors (e.g., exposure) on child development.

Liquan is a genuine, easy-going, and kind person. His classroom lacks no cutting-edge research findings and laughs. He actively engages with social media and multilingual families in regards to information on child development and language measures. He enjoys swimming, pole dancing and travelling in his leisure hours.

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